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Weinstein calls for more attention to these empirical questions (especially the question of silencing) but he also concludes that in the absence of evidence there is good reason to favour freedom of speech.
30) Moreover, Schauer adds that because this is an empirical question, we should not expect the answer to be the same "for all times, for all places, for all judges, and, perhaps most importantly, for all issues and for all courts.
regarding the empirical question faced by the court.
The first point to be made is that the question of whether or not capitalism retards growth below its theoretical optimum would appear to be an empirical question and not a theoretical question.
The empirical questions constitutionalists confront are
First, he says that the question of free will "comes down to a wide open empirical question about the moment-of-choice causal determinacy of the neural events that are our tom decisions," but he does not say how he knows that tom decisions are "neural events," nor how neural events could be acts of free will.
Familiarity with empirical research might have prevented Palmer from presenting yet another empirical question as factual truth.
Whether foreign terrorist organizations meaningfully segregate support of their legitimate activities from support of terrorism is an empirical question.
356) and that some have "raised the intriguing empirical question of whether 'behavioral principles different from those already discovered in research with nonhumans may be needed to explain complex human behavior, most notably in the experimental analysis of verbal behavior' (Dymond et al.
The extent to which workers in general (and professional basketball players in particular) ate unaffected by group diversity is the empirical question that motivates this research note.
Surely it is an empirical question how much learning depends on the development of concentrated attention.

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