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The BwO is first and foremost a problem of relationships, or associations to speak like the Empiricists, It all depends on the way the parts of the body (which is no longer my body) are connected, Parts are longer seen as organs, that is to say as instruments or means towards an end (which is the etymology of the Latin organum) and the body is no longer considered in the practical way education has taught us to use it, (Am I allowed to hazard a guess?
clients without grappling with domain knowledge, empiricists cannot
If empiricists want to avoid this problem, they have to develop a theory that while using macro-aggregate data on statistical regularities in human behavior, also integrates micro-foundations of such explanation in the form of a story of causal mechanism.
Consistent with the hypothetical-deductive practices advanced by the logical empiricists, researchers and theorists in psychology proposed various models and constructs and then tested their implications empirically, ideally in quantitative terms.
Perhaps it would be better to say that Darwin is a naturalist and empiricist and Austen is a literary realist and moralist.
If we take as a premise that there is indeed a divide between empiricists and modelers in our discipline, the relevant questions become how did this divide emerge and why does it persist, how does it manifest itself, and what if anything can or should be done about it?
But if Plato accommodates practical experience in his theory of techne, he is unyielding in his decision to banish empiricists from the ranks of technical experts.
Political discussions all have a policy landscape that is shaped by our common knowledge, and it is this common knowledge that empiricists are changing through their discoveries.
And, of course, this fallibilism helps to inoculate empiricists against the self-righteousness of being necessarily right.
The need to master the requisite languages, study all surviving manuscripts and publications, and to collate and analyze masses of data, drives most empiricists toward narrow subjects, though these are too readily assigned a broad significance.
The contributors to Kid Stuff, a collection of 11 essays, do want action, but first and foremost they are empiricists.
This debate is a variation on the age-old philosophical argument between Aristotelian empiricists and Platonic idealists.