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Country: United States of America
State: Ohio

my employer takes $48.00 a check for health insurance my insurance ended in aug. but she still takes that amount out. so now I don't have health insurance but im still paying I ask for a refund of my money but she said no that she will use the money to get started back up. when she does it will go back to aug. and pay the bills i have from there on. but she has told me twice that i will have my insurance back and still i dont. i need to go to the doctor but cant because i cant pay out of pocket because im a single mom and dont make enough to pay for visit. plus she is my doctor and she said ill be alright. i thank i might be pregant i cant get the blood work i need to find out. i havent had period in 4 months. my on bcp so i dont know if thats the reason because my pregancy test come back neg. plus she also said she would pay 1\2 my ded. almost all my bills she is to pay has gone to collection. what should i do i need to work. i dont want to get let go from my job but she is hurting my credit and takeing my money from my check to get me insurance i dont have becuase of her.


That sounds very odd--You could consult your nearest Department of Labor office to briefly discuss the issue with them first...you may also want to ask the company to put what is happening in writing and explain to them that you may have attorneys review the situation...try speaking to a higher level of management about the issue; they may override the other managers.
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