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EMPEROR, an officer. This word is synonymous with the Latin imperator; they are both derived from the. verb imperare. Literally, it signifies he who commands.
     2. Under the Roman republic, the title emperor was the generic name given to the commanders-in-chief in the armies. But even then the application of the word was restrained to the successful commander, who was declared emperor by the acclamations of the army, and was afterwards honored with the title by a decree of the senate. 3. It, is now used to designate some sovereign prince who bears this title. Ayl. Pand. tit. 23.

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After his episcopal ordination in Lviv, the Emporer refused an audience to Nykyta.
Untersteht ihr euch zu denken; so beschuldigen wir euch der Unweiblichkeit und betrachten euch als Emporer.
From 1415, the Emporer Sigismund, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire of German nations, granted my family the title.
John Henry Mackay: Der Liebesdichter als anarchistischer Emporer.
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Titus Flavius Vespasianus is known for rebuilding the Roman Empire following the tumultuous reign of Emporer Nero.
The commission created a number of positions under twenty-one carefully designated categories to which the emporer assigned 362 officials.