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EMPEROR, an officer. This word is synonymous with the Latin imperator; they are both derived from the. verb imperare. Literally, it signifies he who commands.
     2. Under the Roman republic, the title emperor was the generic name given to the commanders-in-chief in the armies. But even then the application of the word was restrained to the successful commander, who was declared emperor by the acclamations of the army, and was afterwards honored with the title by a decree of the senate. 3. It, is now used to designate some sovereign prince who bears this title. Ayl. Pand. tit. 23.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'Girl in the Hat' and of the 'Byzantine Empress' which excited my dear mother so much; of the mysterious girl that the privileged personalities great in art, in letters, in politics, or simply in the world, could see on the big sofa during the gatherings in Allegre's exclusive Pavilion: the Dona Rita of their respectful addresses, manifest and mysterious, like an object of art from some unknown period; the Dona Rita of the initiated Paris.
Despite the many title she currently holds, the title of Empress is not one of them.
He expressed these views while talking to a delegation of the shopkeepers of the Empress Market who led by the patron of the Tanzeem-Nau Brothern Qureish Saddar Sirajuddin Qureishi called on the Mayor in his office on Monday, said a statement.
Development work has been going on in and around the iconic Empress Market for the past one year, after the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) demolished 1,700 shops built on encroached land and removed other unauthorised structures.
The gift was notable as the newly-crowned Empress had graduated in economics from Belmont High School at Harvard earlier this month, CBS Boston reported.
The publication noted that in theory, nothing is stopping Her Majesty from being proclaimed as Empress. However, bestowing the title on herself is not something that she can do.
Now, if you're missing mum's finger-licking mutton karahi and shami kebabs, or want to recreate rich stews such as nihari and haleem, Empress Market has just the right set of ingredients for you.
No survey was conducted before razing 1,700 shops of Empress Market
Next 200 years planning is required for this as Empress Market is also a beautiful building in the city and it restoration require care.
'Sometimes, I would find myself wondering whether or not this is still the right thing for me,' Empress, now 25, added.
According to the owners of shops inside the Empress Market building, their shops are legal and due to security reasons and they would open their shops today.

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