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A permanent emulsion can be made by adding a third substance, called an emulsifier or emulsifying agent, to the mixture.
External emulsifying agents are surfactants that are used to disperse the pre-formed silicone-alkyd in water.
Eggs, which are typically used in cake batters, contain natural emulsifiers in the yolk and act as an emulsifying agent to bring the two immiscible ingredients, fat and water, together in an emulsion.
Their efforts indicate that the selection of an emulsifying agent can serve as an important parameter for controlling the release of aroma molecules in oil-water emulsions.
By comparison, food additives, like certain anticaking, leavening or emulsifying agents, add about 25 to 50 milligrams.
Water-based products may also tend to cause build-up on the mold, owing to the surfactants and/or other emulsifying agents used in water-based products.
Therefore, an ideal egg replacer system would include both a WPC with enhanced functional properties blended together with selected emulsifying agents that would fulfill all the functions of eggs in bakery products.
The emulsifying agents fall into three major categories namely: (1) Cationic, (2) Anionic and (3) Nonionic.
BHT (butylated-hydroxytoluene) from SAFC Supply Solutions, tocopherol and Triton X-100 (Sigma-Aldrich), soy lecithin (Colemman) were used as antioxidant and emulsifying agents.
KSG-360Z: This series' crosslinked elastomer silicone gels are emulsifying agents with an excellent, smooth-skin feel that can be used to produce unique water-in-silicone and water-in-oil products.