Enabling Clause

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Enabling Clause

The section of a constitution or statute that provides government officials with the power to put the constitution or statute into force and effect.

Seven of the amendments to the U.S. Constitution contain clauses that give Congress the power to enforce their provisions by appropriate legislation.

enabling clause

n. a provision in a new statute which empowers a particular public official (Governor, State Treasurer) to put it into effect, including making expenditures.

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The Enabling Clause authorizes a tariff preferences program:
The Enabling Clause only authorizes tariff preferences to address
addressing corruption would comply with the Enabling Clause because
The Enabling Clause states that, "[a]ny differential and more
The main ones being Article III-393, containing an enabling clause for the
EQ will present policy options based on international best practices to strategic stakeholders for potential adoption of enabling clauses that facilitate more business to be won by SMEs," al-Mohannadi said.
In the depths of recession, what the people care about is jobs, the NHS, he said, not the minutiae of legislative competence orders or enabling clauses.
The regime also provides enabling clauses for introduction of a proper criteria for sponsors, board of directors and management of brokerage houses to determine their fitness in line with the criteria laid down in this regard for non-banking financial companies.
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