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To establish by law; to perform or effect; to decree.

Enact, sometimes used synonymously with adopt, is generally applied to legislative rather than executive action.


verb adopt a measure, appoint by act, codify, command, declare, decree, dictate, enjoin, establish, essablish by law, give legislative sanction, institute by law, issue a command, legislate, make into a statute, make laws, ordain by law, order, pass, perferre, prescribe, put in force, put into effect
Associated concepts: enacting clause
Foreign phrases: Non obligat lex nisi promulgata.A law is not obligatory unless it is promulgated. Ejus est interpreeari cujus est condere. It is for him who enacts anything to give it interpretation.
See also: accomplish, adhere to, approve, command, compel, conduct, constitute, direct, effectuate, enforce, establish, execute, govern, impersonate, implement, impose, instruct, legislate, make, pass, perform, pursue, recite, require, rule

TO ENACT. To establish by law; to perform or effect; to decree. The usual formula in making laws is, Be it enacted.

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Enaction Two: Crossing the Threshold into "Space Weapons"
He wants to avoid reduction of practice to determined or mechanical reaction or enaction, and of action to the conscious and deliberate intentions of its authors (1977a:73).
Also celebrated for nine days, in various parts of the world, is the 'Ram Leela' - a stage enaction of the epic 'Ramayana' (story of 'Lord Rama', the seventh reincarnation of Lord Vishnu).
The enaction of the DMCA in the United States and the battle over whether authors should be provided additional protection against circumvention, in addition to the copyright protection over their works, has demonstrated the realization of Professor Burk's warnings.
Since the enaction of the FDA in 1953, however, the nature of both advertising and health care has undergone dramatic changes.
As noted above, a charter, being the thing itself--not the record of the deed so much as the enaction of the deed--is not appropriately open to reproduction beyond the date of its inception.
Lawmakers have been arguing over whether to put the lower limit in place immediately or delay enaction for two years as requested by three lobbyists for the liquor industry.
132) Although there have been at least twenty episodes of Pelly certifications since the amendment's enaction in 1971,(133) there has been only one instance of actual trade restrictions being placed on products of an offending country.
Enaction is thus "embodied cognition" (Varela et al.
In this sense, individualizing was first a reflective belief in Sean's capacities, and, second, an enaction of those beliefs through the development of an alternative, individualized communication system.
The study by Glantz is the latest in a series that he has conducted attempting to demonstrate that there are few, if any, negative economic consequences resulting from the enaction of restaurant and bar smoking bans.
Think of the complex ways brain, body, wheel and clay relate and interact with one another throughout the different stages of this activity and try to imagine some of the resources (physical, mental or biological) needed for the enaction of this creative process .