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To establish by law; to perform or effect; to decree.

Enact, sometimes used synonymously with adopt, is generally applied to legislative rather than executive action.


verb adopt a measure, appoint by act, codify, command, declare, decree, dictate, enjoin, establish, essablish by law, give legislative sanction, institute by law, issue a command, legislate, make into a statute, make laws, ordain by law, order, pass, perferre, prescribe, put in force, put into effect
Associated concepts: enacting clause
Foreign phrases: Non obligat lex nisi promulgata.A law is not obligatory unless it is promulgated. Ejus est interpreeari cujus est condere. It is for him who enacts anything to give it interpretation.
See also: accomplish, adhere to, approve, command, compel, conduct, constitute, direct, effectuate, enforce, establish, execute, govern, impersonate, implement, impose, instruct, legislate, make, pass, perform, pursue, recite, require, rule

TO ENACT. To establish by law; to perform or effect; to decree. The usual formula in making laws is, Be it enacted.

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The training was based on the four components of self-efficacy theory: enactive mastery experience, vicarious experience, verbal persuasion, and physiologic arousal.
When we consider that enactive mastery experiences are a source of self-efficacy, it may be that direct practice skill in fact predicts self-efficacy, suggesting perhaps an error in model specification.
You can only effectively improvise on the basis of forms of enactive knowing that operate with all the automaticity of a "second nature.
Jackson's treatment of sensation calls for close examination, particularly in the light of research in embodied cognition that is reconfiguring understanding of the enactive nature of the senses and our motor capacities.
As relações entre operação e função, assim recuperadas, apontam para o estudo da interface enactive, a ser desenvolvido no item a seguir.
Consequences can be enactive or vicarious, and can be either reinforcing or punishing.
The poetics and spirituality of dreaming: A Native American enactive theory.
The use of this movement activity allowed for the demonstration all 3 aspects of Bruner's levels of representation, Enactive, Iconic, and Symbolic (Frid, 2001).
Bandura (1986) suggested that enactive attainment, or achieving success in a target behavior, is the most powerful source for developing self-efficacy.
According to Bandura (1986), self-efficacy in an activity such as entrepreneurship develops through four processes: (1) enactive mastery or repeated performance accomplishments; (2) vicarious experience or modeling; (3) verbal persuasion; and (4) autonomic or physiological arousal.
Enactive mastery experiences refer to actual information a person has about their ability to execute a particular behavior gathered from their prior experience with that task.