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(72.) The Wahhabi Movement, ENCYLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA https://www.britannica.com/place/Saudi-Arabia/The-Wahhabi-movement [https://perma.cc/MDT2-7K77] (last visited Feb.
(23) Such proportionality is reminiscent of the distribution of letters in the original Encylopaedia Britannica (1768), which went from A to B (vol.
It was fantastic to watch him perform alongside JW Halloway, our human encylopaedia. It really did feel like a true documentary, almost in the vein of Louis Theroux.
Peace saw the 15-year-old Ballard shipped off to a progressive school at Cambridge following which he pursued failed dreams of becoming, first, a psychiatrist, then an RAF pilot, and earning his living as an advertising copywriter, Covent Garden porter and a door-to-door encylopaedia salesman before emerging in the 1950s as one of Britain's most challenging and imaginative writers of fiction.
Like the Encylopaedia Britannica, the Register has now crossed the Atlantic--it is published by ProQuest, from near Washington DC.
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(22) This emphasis was also apparent in his comprehensive article on the Holy Spirit in The International Standard Bible Encylopaedia. (23) This article was the only one written by Mullins in this multi-volume work of which he served as an assistant editor to his friend and general editor, James Orr.
(33) According to the Britannica Student Encylopaedia, Ibsen's The Wild Duck is "an ironic play ...
It is not a dictionary an encylopaedia, manual or a text book.
I don't need an online encylopaedia to work out that a laptop is all very well, but it's not as good as a top man on your lap
But Bill Harry, author of the Encylopaedia of Beatles People, disputes the original Cavern was below the car park site.
She is planning to use her "out takes", which she has not included in the series, as a Potter encylopaedia of her wizading world.