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23) Such proportionality is reminiscent of the distribution of letters in the original Encylopaedia Britannica (1768), which went from A to B (vol.
But Bill Harry, author of the Encylopaedia of Beatles People, disputes the original Cavern was below the car park site.
She is planning to use her "out takes", which she has not included in the series, as a Potter encylopaedia of her wizading world.
According to the Encylopaedia Britannica, "in antiquity, the Greeks are said to have called the continent Libya and the Romans have called it Africa, perhaps from the Latin aprica (sunny), or the Greek aphrike (without cold)".
In his Masters thesis "Jadal al-Qur'an" (The Polemics of the Qur'an), which was supervised by al-Khuli, Khalafallah applied automatically the principles of the literary method as suggested in al-Khuli's comment on the article "'tafsir," in the Arabic translation of the first edition of the Encylopaedia of Islam, which was then included in his Manahij al-tajdid.
However, the article on Casale Monferrato in the Encylopaedia Judaica states that "Jews first settled in Casale Monferrato during the 1430s.
Myth, Legend and Romance: An Encylopaedia of the Irish Folk Tradition.
Says DeNunzio, "The great part of the Web for Encylopaedia Britannica is that people can experience it before they purchase it.
Estonian/Latvian/Lithuanian Encylopaedia Publishers.
KNOW - IT - ALL SOFTWARE: Invest in a multimedia encylopaedia.
Among the pulped publications were Penguin's Map of the World and Map of Europe, National Geographic Atlas of the World, the Turkish edition of the Encylopaedia Britannica and Nouveau Petit Larousse Illustre.
As such it will be of especial value to to scholars and libraries without access to the four most frequently cited sources from which the biographies are derived: [the Dictionary of American Biography; the Encylopaedia of American Biography; the National Cyclopaedia of American Biography; and Who Was Who.