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An individual who purchases and uses products and services in contradistinction to manufacturers who produce the goods or services and wholesalers or retailers who distribute and sell them. A member of the general category of persons who are protected by state and federal laws regulating price policies, financing practices, quality of goods and services, credit reporting, debt collection, and other trade practices of U.S. commerce. A purchaser of a product or service who has a legal right to enforce any implied or express warranties pertaining to the item against the manufacturer who has introduced the goods or services into the marketplace or the seller who has made them a term of the sale.

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normally (but not always) a customer who buys for personal use and not business purposes and who is accordingly treated differently in the law. See CONSUMER CREDIT, CONSUMER CREDIT AGREEMENT, UNFAIR CONTRACT TERMS.
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But end consumer research is not only for the large Tier 1 systems integrators.
This generates trust and transparency in and for the end consumer and offers considerable influence when it comes to the decision to buy the textile.
Bag-in-box specialist Rapak is launching a major initiative to promote the environmental benefits of the format among end consumers.
"It's tough trying to sell a safety system like ESC to the end consumer," says Scott Dahl, marketing director, Chassis System Management at Bosch.
The addition of BRC Global Standards to LGC's Standards division marks the latters strategic transition from being a Standards owner to a brand and consumer protection organisation, with a range of products and services to help its customers deal with the challenges of producing safe, high quality products for the end consumer.
Speaking Saturday for Darik Radio, Andonov noted the price reduction would be in the vicinity of 22% - 23% under the new contract, but this would not be the reduction for the end consumer.
The painter then en-cashes the token from a shop or company outlet while the end consumer bears the price of the paint pack without having any information in this regard.
Meanwhile, the expenditures for including the additional production capacities of the new TPP were calculated in the electricity prices in Bulgaria by the National Electric Company NEK, which increased them by 3% for the end consumer in the last eleven months; on the other hand, the delay caused AES to pay compensations to NEK.
We have to strike a balance between imports and local car production to normalize the prices and ensure that the end consumer gets relief.