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Now Congress needs to pass legislation to compensate doctors for initiating these conversations and penalize healthcare providers that do not honor patients' express wishes for end-of-life care.
The current study analyzed data for 1,231 of the patients who died but who lived at least 1 month after diagnosis, in order to assess whether the timing of discussions influenced end-of-life care.
Provision of quality end-of-life care is becoming a subspecialty of critical care and it's not surprising when you look at the statistics associated with death in the intensive care unit (ICU).
Nicholas and her colleagues assessed end-of-life care for 3,302 Medicare beneficiaries who died between 1998 and 2007, at a mean age of 83 years.
The move follows the publication of the report of the independent palliative care funding review, which revealed "stunning" inequalities across the country in end-of-life care.
The mission of Madison-Deane Initiative is to transform end-of-life care through education, collaboration and inspiration.
However, the fact remains that for everyone, end-of-life is inevitable and each death is unique and heartbreaking for those experiencing it and those left behind.
Based on a 15-month qualitative study of home death, Norwood (affiliated with Inclusion Research Institute, Washington, DC) looks critically at Dutch euthanasia policy and end-of-life practices.
Unite/CPHVA lead professional officer Cheryll Adams stated: 'Ensuring that end-of-life care is of a universally high standard should be a priority for all district and practice nurses and other healthcare professionals who are delivering it.
2%) reported end-of-life discussions with physicians at baseline.
The final AACN-JCR webinar series of the year, which focuses on Palliative and End-of-Life Care, will be presented in October 2008.
The Medicare hospice benefit is specifically designed for end-of-life care but is an elected benefit for individuals who have a terminal diagnosis with a prognosis of 6 months or less if the disease runs its normal course.