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For a non-specialist audience, it might be useful to separate the monumental apparatus of endnotes into two categories: bibliographic notes on the one hand and explanatory notes providing information about the cultural, historical, and literary background on the other.
Second, plaintiffs point out that endnotes 14, 15, 16 and 17 are in Farsi and no English translation is provided.
Old endnote 13 (now 15), line 1: after " 'Australia' "insert" for a particular landmass, viz.
Second, on occasion--such as his description of the more exotic forms of synesthesia--the endnotes prove even more interesting than the main text.
The printed endnotes include number five, which is the first reference to Hillier's book; but the quotation itself and the endnote reference are missing from the main text.
The reader will eventually discover that there is a connection between the 1649 sermon text briefly discussed in the prologue and the publicly placed staircase murals by Verrio in 1699 for William III, but only after careful reading of endnotes.
Note 63 for the group of letters from 1939 exists twice in the text and only once in the endnotes themselves.
The endnotes may be the book's greatest strength and, at the same time, its most significant weakness.
With detailed endnotes and black-and-white photographs, this book is an impressive account of Lockheed's "Dragon Lady.
Perhaps in a cleaner, tighter second edition, he will have an appendix, endnotes, and quotations from people and sources which will give the movement additional credibility and will move those who don't already practice mindful compassion.