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practice) and ten observed endogenous variables were specified.
Table 5 illustrates the result of the indirect relationship between exogenous and endogenous variables.
This test in fact has the ability to reveal any problem that may occurs if there is a noteworthy correlation among one of the exogenous variables dimensions with the endogenous variable.
The latent variable Driver Characteristics and the two other exogenous indicator variables, namely Controlled Substance/Alcohol and Vehicle Maintenance, have a positive relation with the endogenous variable, indicating that an increase in score of any of these exogenous variables will cause an increase in the endogenous variable Crash-per-Million-Miles.
In the extended TAM, variables of PU and PEU become endogenous variables and their relationships have been clearly identified.
Instrument variable used is lag of the endogenous variable, Container12.
Thus, the parameters estimated in the model must show the existence of simulated feedback among the analyzed endogenous variables.
The prior level of search interest about condoms does not significantly predict the current level of economic policy uncertainty, when economic policy uncertainty is treated as the endogenous variable (p = 0.
Endogenous variables act as a dependent variable in at least one of the SEM equations; they are called endogenous variables rather than response variables because they may become independent variables in other equations within the SEM equations.
The Poisson model is based on the hypothesis that the endogenous variable [y.
To assess whether our instruments are sufficiently related to the endogenous variable, we use an F-test of the joint significance of the instruments in reduced form.
The model indicated the importance of the coordinated development of industrial technology and foreign trade in new industrialized countries by introducing technology as an endogenous variable.