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The motivation and intent of the endower in the endowed property that is mostly to obtain God's satisfaction and divine revelation (like endowment stones appointed in mosque or Jame Alkhayarat or endowed documents of Amir Chakhmagh and his wife (cultural sustainability).
The remaining revenues shall be used in other general charitable activities," Al Rais said, noting that the AMAF shall be strictly and honestly observing the will of the endower.
Attending the ceremony, which included about 300 endowers, were a number of officials and scholars in addition to those concerned with the endowment.
In fact, the second half of the chapter presents Normans as founders, patrons, and endowers of monasteries.
Their fortune was based on banking and property, and philanthropy was an early hallmark--like the Rothschilds, the Camondos were enthusiastic builders and endowers of schools, hospitals, synagogues, shelters and funds for the destitute.
For Algiers, the major distinction was the social identity or status of the endowers of assets.
We need to openly discuss, debate, and face up to successes and failures regarding college remedial education and we need to assure well prepared students that remedial efforts will not dilute their degrees; to assure students admitted to remedial programs that these efforts are designed to and are legitimately predicted to succeed; and we must show the taxpayers and endowers that those remedial programs now in force are worth the efforts and costs.
On his part, Jamal Al-Duaij, the project's supervisor, said in a similar statement to KUNA that the Secretariat of Awqaf is keen on honoring the endowers during their lifetime and even after their death to immortalize their great actions serving and developing the charitable actions in the society.
The amounts collected have been invested in endowment projects under the name of the endowers as per their shares, he added.
AMAF's Minors Department executed 12,352 transactions, organized 1,829 visits, interviewed 16,320 beneficiaries and endowers, issued 16,572 letters pertaining to the requirements of its beneficiaries, and followed up on financial claims worth AED22.
During the meeting they thanked His Highness the Crown Prince for his sponsorship of the senior endowers forum, organized by the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs on January 14-15.
He praised the 26 endowers for their generosity and in setting a bright example for others who could endow a portion of their wealth to the ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to use it for the common good of needy Muslims and others everywhere.