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Wartime exploits to movie thrills FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVEBond on a train with enemy agent Grant (Robert Shaw).
section] 4001(a) may be interpreted to preclude the detention of American citizens as enemy agents or traitors unless convicted of a crime under the same constitutional safeguards that apply in all criminal cases.
Rabbi Shvat explored the issue of women used to seduce enemy agents in order to cajole information out of them or see them captured.
These include criminal conspiracy and using the Internet to supply vital information to enemy agents.
So when Krepper k stepped ashore, he did so as an enemy agent of a nation now at war with his adopted country.
He was tortured by guards who battered his testicles - as happens in Casino Royale - but escaped by shooting an enemy agent.
The 10-year-old actress continues to spy on the stranger, maneuvering her body to avoid detection, and wonders aloud if the woman who just sat next to the man might be an enemy agent sent to receive sensitive government documents.
Starring Alistair Simfcar as a enemy agent and Leslie Banks as a naive British scientist.
One faction of agents decides to pick on an ordinary guy and shadow him as if he was an enemy agent.
One of the Arabs was convicted of contacting a foreign enemy agent.
It starred Alistair Sim as an enemy agent and Leslie Banks as a British scientist.
But when a job comes up requiring his specific skills, he is pressganged into joining a perilous climb of the Eiger mountain, along with a small group of men, one of whom is an enemy agent who needs taking out.