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We stretch, we bend, we hold invisible energy balls in front of our chests.
STRANGE BUT TRUE Maltesers were originally known as energy balls.
Boots' Pilates Set, pounds 25, is a home starter kit containing a 50cm pilates ring, two energy balls, a non-slip sticky yoga mat and exercise routine instruction leaflet.
Additionally, collecting energy balls powers each character's special ability, while alien friends, giant wasps and pterodactyls help them get to otherwise unreachable areas.
In addition, collecting enough energy balls lets gamers power special abilities like the alien and wasp hover-jumps, telekinesis super-attack, invincibility, and growth and shrink ray guns for extra sticky situations
Club Drive -- Choosing from four different themes, players cruise through the streets of San Francisco in a souped-up hot rod or plow through an Old West town in a futuristic speed machine picking up randomly placed energy balls.