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"Energy production will reach 1.2 MW, with surplus energy stored in Dewa's Grid, to be later drawn upon to operate more than 200 villas with clean renewable energy.
It seems very risky to proceed with construction without some performance data from practical tests on one of the turbines, to check on the values used in the calculations to predict energy production. Have the developers compared their estimates with data from other tidal energy projects, such as those in Korea and France?
More than simple platitudes, solar and wind energy in particular offer the compelling possibility of top-to-bottom domestic energy production. "Green is the new black" in the MENA region and Morocco is leading the charge by attracting massive private and public investment in big green energy projects.
Managing Director of the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency Hafez Abdel-Aal Elsalamawy told Daily News Egypt that renewable energy production -- both solar and wind -- has fallen.
The analysis also suggests slightly higher future energy production could lead to a significant drop in future energy imports.
It can benefit from an anticipated investment in energy production infrastructure.
The book, which can become "the bible" for energy generation in Namibia in the near future, is a compilation of 25 articles and offers a multifaceted insight of energy issues, providing information about different technologies of energy production, protection of the environment and the mitigation of climate change.
Speaking during the ceremony, Lakkotrypis said that the two projects mark the beginning of a series of such agreements to be signed, aiming to incorporate photovoltaic energy production in Cyprus` energy mix.
Rabat: Morocco is ploughing ahead with a programme to boost wind energy production, particularly in the southern Tarfaya region, where Africa's largest wind farm is set to open in 2014.
should prioritize energy production (46%) or environmental protection (45%) when the goals conflict.
"There is a huge opportunity for solar energy production and high architecture in the region.

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