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Through this joint venture company, MHI and Hitachi will strategically evaluate the market for distributed gas engine power generation systems, which is anticipated to expand rapidly in China going forward.
The new Mazda Premacy, which will hit the Japanese market on July 1, is also equipped with the ''i-stop'' function, which halts engine power when the car comes to a stop and restarts it immediately to prevent idling.
It depends on engine power [P.sub.e] and specific fuel consumption [b.sub.e].
Engine distributor Engine Power Inc., Oconomowoc, Wis., now supplies a line of rock-crusher power units targeted toward the aggregate markets.
Mechanics, give the filters a good cleaning when the operator notices a loss of engine power and black smoke from the exhaust.
To surpass the speed limits set by leg power, the Skootakate propels skaters with engine power. The engine converts gasoline's chemical energy (energy stored in chemical compounds) into mechanical energy to rotate the machine's front wheel and tow the skater.
The automatic power control enables the machine to work at full power without risk of engine stall-out, The company's HydrauMind hydraulic system enables the operator to perform simultaneous functions (loader, arm, bucket maneuvering, etc.) without sacrificing speed, engine power or performance.
The system uses less than 35 watts of engine power, yet it promises to give back more than it takes.
Considering the variable supply of wind electricity, its utilisation in heat production can be implemented by integrating a heat storage and low-emission fast-startup gas engine power plants into the generation model, which allows optimising the generation according to the market price of electricity.
At 1500 Pacific time, the airplane experienced a total loss of engine power and its pilot executed a forced landing to a dirt road.
Volvo offers the first nine models in its C-Series skid steer loader line that are Tier 3 com-pliant, have rated operating capacities from 2,250 pounds and gross engine power from 84 hp to 92 hp.
An Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) probe said there was no conclusive cause for engine power loss.

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