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TRY IT: John Ennis has created a range of bespoke cocktails for the bar, such as the English trifle milkshake
The challenge of recreating an authentic English tea salon, complete with luscious baked goods like sticky toffee pudding, English trifle, and various tea breads, can be daunting, and in the hands of lesser merchants might have leaned toward kitsch, or a caricature of gingham and lace.
They're also very handy in recipes making use of pre-cooked sponges and biscuits, as in this recipe for Old English Trifle from Mary Berry's Favourite Recipes.
Don't get me wrong; I love a traditional English trifle of sponge cake spread with jam, soaked in sherry, topped with a real egg-based custard and then whipped cream and decorated with glace cherries and angelica.

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