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ENLISTMENT. The act of making a contract to serve the government in a subordinate capacity, either in the army or navy. The contract so made, is also called an enlistment. See, as to the power of infants to enlist, 4 Binn. 487; 5 Binn. 423; Binn. 255; 1 S. & R. 87; 11 S. & R. 93.

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Union Army enlistment depended heavily on immigrant populations; of the more than 2 million Union troops, one-third was foreign born.
The report models the peacetime supply of graduate-senior (1-3A) males with no prior military service, with particular interest in the effects of both unemployment and earnings on the Army enlistment rate.
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We will be able to talk about draft dodging figures at the end of the enlistment.
Soldiers who elect to take advantage of this program would have their enlistment contracts extended for the length of the deployment plus 90 days, said Watson.
The Oregon Guard set new records for both enlistments and re-enlistments in February, the latter undoubtedly helped by a rush to beat the end of $20,000 re- enlistment bonuses.
Even the same long casualty lists from the war's early months that necessitated their enlistment failed to dampen that innocence.
Last year, despite signing bonuses in the tens of thousands and other perks, military recruiters had to lower entry standards to meet their enlistment goals.
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Pre Qualification: For Mes Enlisted Contractors Enlistment In Class E Category A I And For Other Contractors Documents Required For Enlistment In Mes In Class E And Category A I As Per Enlistment Policy Letter On Mes Website Www.
Tax Credit for enlistment of new companies: To encourage capital formation, tax credit of 15% for the year of enlistment has been allowed to companies coming for enlistment on stock exchanges.