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ENLISTMENT. The act of making a contract to serve the government in a subordinate capacity, either in the army or navy. The contract so made, is also called an enlistment. See, as to the power of infants to enlist, 4 Binn. 487; 5 Binn. 423; Binn. 255; 1 S. & R. 87; 11 S. & R. 93.

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The maximum bonus for a two-year enlistment is $6,000.
These studies suggest the complexity of the enlistment decision and the importance of local circumstances in making the decision, but their comparisons of individual soldiers and non-soldiers do not extend beyond localities.
ISLAMABAD -- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in pursuance of Section 202(5) of the Election Act, 2017 Friday canceled the enlistment of 284 political parties which could not fulfill the requirement of the Section 202(2).
IHC judge Aamer Farooq rejected the petition challenging the ECP's notification of October 20, 2017, asking all political parties to submit details of at least 2000 members and fulfil other requirements, otherwise, their enlistment as a political party will be canceled.
The hunger strike by teachers demanding enlistment into the monthly pay order (MPO) system has entered day four in Bangladesh yesterday.
On November 25, the ECP issued the final notice to the 352 political parties asking them to submit the list of at least 2,000 of their members and deposit the enlistment fee of Rs200,000 each by Dec 2 or be ready to be de-listed.
Tenders are invited for Enlistment Of Contractors Under Civil And Horticulture Category At Iit Madras
ISLAMABAD -- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) Wednesday once again asked 352 political parties to submit the list of at least 2,000 of their members and deposit enlistment fee of Rs 200,000 each by December 4 or be ready to be de-listed.
The charity urged the Government to raise the minimum enlistment age to 18 in a letter to defence minister Penny Mordaunt, which is co-signed by the general secretary of the National Union of Teachers Christine Blower and the children's commissioners for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
I had been accepted to graduate school before the enlistment.
Some freshmen describe their enlistment experience as a taste of hell:
It is the first occasion that a smartcard framework has been presented which will replace the current enlistment book framework.