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I approach the class of enregistered features that I examine using close ethnographic and linguistic analysis.
While Emilia's Spanish is fluent and easily understandable, she consistently uses enregistered contact features such as the [[phi]w] realization of /f/.
Transcript 3 shows Emilia employing a high density of enregistered features.
Antonia uses enregistered phonological contact features including [[phi]w] and the v/w alternation.
Braulia uses enregistered features such as the [[phi]w] variant of /f/ on a regular basis, as in Transcript 8, where she discusses her (lack of) schooling.
The following segment of the same story, in Transcript 10, also includes abundant enregistered features, such as the Quechua-origin loanword mark'a '[held in] one's arms' (Turn 3) and the -abamos verb form (Turn 9).
Braulia uses some enregistered features, such as the [[phi]w], consistently in her speech.
Of the 202 roots enregistered here, fully 122 are not commented upon in any way.
875) contains an o-stem locative in -e enregistered as such in table 35.5, but the parallel phrase in Alisija on another inscription (p.