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While some ensembles tell us about costumes, hawkers' wares and selling techniques, others feature historical buildings.
The second program paired Leah Stein's postmodern company with Kulu Mele African American Dance Ensemble, a Philadelphia treasure for more than thirty years, specializing in traditional West African dances.
royal hartigan is a percussionist who leads his own quartet, and performs with Juba, the Fred Ho Afro Asian Music Ensemble, Hafez Modirzadeh's Paradox Ensemble, and the David Bindman-Tyrone Henderson Project.
Meteorologists at NMC already use a highly simplified ensemble approach when they issue near-term national forecasts up to five days ahead.
This year, for instance, Mambo Romero, an ensemble that performs competitive ballroom style dancing, and Wushu West, a martial arts school, qualified.
The concept of combining students and faculty in a performing ensemble is not often encountered in universities and colleges.
The Women's Ensemble was also rated silver, receiving 80 to 90 points in the competition, while Concert, Men's and Madrigals all were rated gold, receiving 90 to 100 points.
Returning to Edinburgh--and Britain--for the first time in nearly two decades, San Francisco Ballet displayed many of the qualities that have marked this ensemble as one of the major forces in American ballet.
in the ASU Danforth Chapel, the Valaam Monastery Ensemble will present a program of sacred monastic chant, followed by selections of Russian folk music.
The DissonART ensemble was founded in 2005 with the objective of broadcasting the stylistic diversity of new music in Greece and abroad.
The requirement also applies to the SCBA stowed in the vicinity of the aft steam ensemble.
The festival, held at St Christopher's Junior School, Saar, featured pianists, violinists and woodwind players as well as brass groups, string groups, orchestras, madrigal ensembles and a cello ensemble.