Entered into agreement with friend, friend terminated it

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Country: United States of America
State: Illinois

I entered into a contract with my friend and she broke the contract. It was an agreement for me to pay her $30,000 and she terminated the contract before the first payment was made. Now she is trying to sue my for breaking the contract. Last year in November I was about to purchase a condo and decided not to at the last minute. She was my girlfriend at the time and believes she can also sue me for pain and suffrage due to not going through with the condo. I used to live with her and moved out in June but she has not allowed me to go back into the house and get the rest of my personal items that were in the house. Last week she went through my stuff looking nything that she could use against me. She has also typed up a document to send to my parents to tell them anything that she can find. What are my legal grounds. Can she actually use my stuff against me even if she would not allow me back into the house to get the stuff? If she sends the letter to my parents do I have grounds for anything regarding slander?


You might sue for invasion of privacy etc. and for any false statements she may make. She does need to return personal items and the police will even escort you to get them if need be...
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