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Many organizations are building or have modeled architectures, blueprints and frameworks, but are struggling with the next step -- to make enterprise architecture real," states Charles Stack, CEO, Flashline.
Applied Technology is a leader in innovative approaches to the implementation of enterprise architecture.
Telelogic System Architect enables organizations to design, visualize, analyze, and publish business models and enterprise architectures that help them understand the relationships between their technology, processes, and data.
These professionals have shown that they have the expertise, ability and commitment to be enterprise architects that can support business and technology development projects and promote global best practices for enterprise architecture," said ISRI's EA curriculum manager, Dr.
report, titled Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools, 1Q06, published April 5, 2006 by Greta A.
com) is the global leader in process excellence and enterprise architecture modeling solutions.
Complex service design: a virtual enterprise architecture for logistics service.
A[cedilla] AaAaAaAaAaAaAaAaAa Enterprise architecture requires looking for whatever is reusable, such as opportunities for standardised technical platforms and access to shared data.
Dubai Customs deserves the award due to its full compliance with the concepts of development, creativity and excellence, particularly after the successful launch of its Enterprise Architecture Project which is a fruitful outcome of consistent efforts over
 three years.
The awards will be presented at the annual DoD Enterprise Architecture Conference May 1 in Miami.
the father of today's Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Ontology thinking, joins the Board of the largest Enterprise Standard organization, LEADing Practice and the academic platform of the Global University Alliance.
Integrating theory and concepts with field-tested methods and implementation challenges, contributors provide insight into the impact of effective enterprise architecture on IT governance, portfolio management, risks, and outsourcing, and illustrate development methods and the process cycle with case studies and detailed examples.

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