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Thus, a suitable enterprise framework reflects the understanding of the enduring business processes.
If a desired characteristic of an enterprise framework is long-term stability, then the challenge to OOEF developers is to deliver a product that supports the notion of stability.
Therefore, support for software stability is another factor in our criteria for design or selection of a suitable enterprise framework.
A challenge for enterprise framework developers is the definition of distribution models that support interoperability among heterogeneous information systems.
An enterprise framework cannot easily put aside each of these problems.
The enterprise framework must be intuitive and easy to understand.
A huge technical advantage is gained in the area of domain analysis, because enterprise framework vendors deliver products that reflect extensive knowledge of the application domain.
Architectural abstractions, the enterprise framework, and its domain model are highly stable and provide a basis for adaptations and integration.
Enterprise framework documentation is, in principle, of very high quality.
Hence adoption of an enterprise framework has an advantage with respect to research and development cost savings.
With an enterprise framework, the organization can enjoy the ability to collect data against a system that, by definition, is the cornerstone of any organization.
According to the Forrester Wave report, "Dublin-based CE[bar]ram sets the bar for human and social services enterprise frameworks.

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