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Thus, another characteristic of an enterprise framework is that it is Web- and e-business-ready.
Life-cycle costs are also reduced due to the emphasis on standards, which are exploited in an enterprise framework development environment.
A new breed of systems we refer to as object-oriented enterprise frameworks (OOEFs) has emerged to address these requirements.
Our research has studied the trends in OOEFs [5, 6], the guidelines for developing OOEFs, and the economic benefits of enterprise frameworks [7].
Such frameworks often manifest themselves as undocumented or loosely documented standards for developing an application (or applications.) However, these and most of the current generation of enterprise frameworks do not satisfy the requirements for an OOEF.
Therefore, mature runtime functionality is the first of our criteria for enterprise frameworks.
Leveraging the improved cost management features of enterprise frameworks, managers can more readily evaluate economic considerations such as economic profit [4].
Enterprise frameworks are only compelling if they leverage technology in a better way than other approaches.
Enterprise frameworks benefit the organization through a well-defined strategy for system upgrades and enhancements.
Enterprise frameworks also yield technical advantages with respect to architectural design.
Another area where enterprise frameworks provide an advantage is with respect to documentation.
Adoption of enterprise frameworks by an organization delegates the evaluation of new technologies to the framework vendor.

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