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astro photo n enthu ab Andy, of Barnsley, Yorkshire, said: "I don't stand in the garden on freezing nights so I get the benefit of a nice day to pursue my passion.
encirc sliced "M who h aroun My father had one," said Mike, has more than 400 apple trees nd his home at Llangynidr in the Usk V "It' tinctiv descri thoug Som enthu it nev eventu called no gre Mik Valley.
He had also won the Lux-Asianet best male singer award in 2002 for his sensitive rendition of Mohan SitharaEoe1/4aos Enthu Sukhamani Nilavu, a romantic song in the movie Nammal.
Schoolchildren are now visiting the mine to learn about what life was like underground, thanks to retired teacher and mining enthu siast Roy Fell, who gives visitors half-hour talk.