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On the other side, she argues that gun enthusiasts must give up the belief that gun control has no effect on crime, citing laws that prohibit felons from owning firearms as an example of effective gun control.
Theme park executives hope the concurrence of the openings will create a feeding frenzy, and everyone from ride enthusiasts to economic analysts are expecting a busy and lucrative summer.
Meanwhile, the locations where enthusiasts are buying modification components are changing.
Each fall, Noftsier leads wagon trains full of like-minded enthusiasts along roads and trails from his ranch at 60th Street East and Avenue G-8 to Avenue F-8 and then east to 120th Street East.
Pontiac Underground, designed in partnership with interactive agency Digitas, provides enthusiasts - a community of modifiers, car-magazine subscribers, do-it-yourselfers or people who are just passionate about cars - with an aggregated view of the online conversation happening about the Pontiac brand and gives them the ability to participate in the dialogue by uploading, commenting and voting on content.
No matter what preconceived ideas you may have about what this ride is like, from Web sites, photos, other riders or just watching it cycle, it will not even come close to the ride experience itself,'' said Jodi Malone of American Coaster Enthusiasts in Valencia.
com advises automotive consumers, Inside Line entertains car enthusiasts, our social networking site CarSpace provides a forum for user-generated content and now AutoObserver.
Turner says he's seen other coaster enthusiasts like him, who head over to the park near his Santa Clarita home just to catch a glimpse of the construction activity.
Enthusiast Media is the #1 special interest magazine publisher in the U.
I'm still having a hard time getting my mind around what it is and what it does,'' said Kammy Sislofsky, 36, of Fontana, a 10-year member of the American Coaster Enthusiasts.
This is the second largest Zinfandel tasting in the country and as the region's heritage variety, it's no wonder so many Paso Robles wine enthusiasts look forward to it each year," said Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance Executive Director Stacie Jacob.
He suggested the enthusiasts write their elected officials and work with wildlife officials to develop ways to steer clear of the toads.