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ENTIRE. That which is not divided; that which is whole.
     2. When a contract is entire, it must in general be fully performed, before the party can claim the compensation which was to have been paid to him; for example, when a man hires to serve another for one year, he will not be entitled to leave him at any time before the end of the year, and claim compensation for the time, unless it be done by the consent or default of the party hiring. 6 Verm. R. 35; 2 Pick. R. 267; 4 Pick. R. 103 10 Pick. R. 209; 4 McCord's R. 26, 246; 4 Greenl. R. 454; 2 Penna. R. 454; 15 John. R. 224; 4 Pick. R. 114; 9 Pick. R. 298 19 John. R. 337; 4 McCord, 249; 6 Harr. & John. 38. See Divisible.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'If the entire House finds them suitable, the decision would be communicated to the entire people of the state.
Special place would be allocated at entire stations for staff and vehicles of Rescu-1122, the notification said.
'I know for a fact that the entire Pakistan team, its many legends like Jahangir Khan, Javed Miandad, Younis Khan, hockey Olympians and thousands of other sportspersons are strongly standing with the entire nation at this hour of need and are ready for any sacrifice to defend our country,' added Sallu who also played Test cricket for Pakistan in the 1960s.
Similarly function [M.sub.g](r) is defined for another entire function g.
Florida Way (for its entire length) - from its junction with Cross lane to its junction with Hughes Avenue Holden Road (for its entire length) - from its junction with Wilson Road to its junction with Thomas Drive.
Also, James Street, from South Ludlow Street to the town line; Kilby Street, from Main Street to Tainter Street; Lincoln Street, from Goldsberry Street to Burncoat Street; Lodi Street, from Lamartine Street to Lafayette Street; Paradox Drive, from Beaconsfield Road to Wrentham Road; Plantation Street, from Wells Street to Franklin Street; Queen Street, from Austin Street to Kingsbury Street; Revere Street, entire; Rudolph Street, entire; Russell Street, from Elm Street to Pleasant Street; Stark Road, northwest to Mower Street; Tatnuck Square, from Chandler Street to Mill Street; Tiffany Avenue, east toward Brightwood Avenue; Toronita Avenue, entire; Tristant Court, entire; Wigwam Avenue, from Lake Avenue to Frank Street; and Wrentham Road, entire.
As per media reports, protestors on the night between Saturday and Sunday furious over the desecration of holy pages went out of control surrounded the main temple and set the Dharamshala on fire triggering panic and fear in the entire city.
When f is an entire function, the Nevanlinna's characteristic function [T.sub.f] (r) of f is defined as
If f(z) is an entire function with the property that f(z) and f"(z) have only a finitely many number of zeros, then f(z) = P(z)[e.sup.Q(z)], where P(z) and Q(z) are polynomials.
The distributions of zeros of entire functions is one of the most important problems in the theory of entire functions, and has been studies widely, says Gil' (mathematics, Ben Gurion U.
This table presents data on migration patterns by county for the entire United States, including inflows and outflows.