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ENTREPOT. A warehouse; a magazine where goods are deposited, and which are again to be removed.

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Un autre entrepot de la Douane avait deja cambriole en juillet 2017.
The ongoing project to more fully incorporate the story of French communities into colonial and early national American history takes another step forward with Catherine Cangany's Frontier Seaport: Detroit's Transformation into an Atlantic Entrepot.
The exchange of fire came two days after a suicide attacker exploded a car bomb outside a police station in the port city, capital of the province of the same name that is the economically crucial entrepot for 80 percent of Iraq's overseas oil shipments.
The UAE has now emerged as the most politically stable, global economy integrated state in the Arab world, anchored by Abu Dhabi's petrocurrency wealth and Dubai's trading entrepot ethous, a $350 billion GDP economy that call well grow at five per cent.
Singapore: Of the entrepot economies, Singapore is more exposed than Hong Kong.
More than 50 companies attended the seminar at the Bahrain Embassy in Belgravia, London, to hear about the potential that Bahrain has to offer as an entrepot for business opportunities in the Northern Gulf.
Chorin said: "Despite a number of arguments to the contrary, Dubai was never a good candidate as a stand-alone development model due to the rather unique conditions surrounding its emergence as a global entrepot.
This follows the cancellation of a deal with the Gulf state of Qatar to lease swathes of arable land in return for the finance to develop a new entrepot.
Dubai is an entrepot not only for the GCC but for the whole Middle East and North Africa region, and we believe the opening of the regional office a milestone in our corporate history," said Shiv Nadar, founder chairman & chief strategy officer of HCL.
When Britain arrived in what was then the all-Indian state of Bengal the princely entrepot, whose centre was Calcutta, was the richest place in the world.
Hong Kong, however, is by far the world's largest entrepot economy, where trade was 259 percent of GDP in 1998, largely because of its role as intermediary between China and the rest of the world.
The first section, "The Physical Environment," covers the environment, the topography of the harbor, and the typography of the port city; and the second, "The Commercial Entrepot," examines the customs house, ships and shipping, and mercantile and legal services.

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