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The rules are ranked according to the enrichment score, measuring the enrichment of differential expression of a set of genes, defined by the given conjunction of GO, KEGG and/or ENTREZ interactions.
This feature includes extensive links to relevant resources such as the Entrez Gene and OMIM database.
For the genes that met these 2 criteria, we then perused their human homologs in the bioinformatics databases Entrez Gene (http://ncbi.
The most important service was MEDLINE in its expanded form, PubMed, searched through the National Center for Biotechnology's (NCBI) Entrez search system, first released on the Internet in 1997 (National Library of Medicine, 1997).
The current report on HCRTR2 addresses the above problem: this report is a compilation of manually curated information that is derived from the following process: - Information is extracted from: -- Public domain databases such as SwissProt, UniProt, Entrez PubMed, OMIM, etc -- In-house databases -- Curated information from journal articles and reviews -- Chemistry information from patents -- Company websites
Of all drugs detailed on Pharmaprojects, nearly 60% can be identified by a target family, making Pharmaprojects' popular target searching, including enhanced target synonyms and Entrez Gene ID, even more powerful.
Searching for targets by complete or partial name or Entrez Gene ID number allows for easy access to all drugs acting on a specific target and is an invaluable tool for any company tracking pharmaceutical R&D or developing drugs against novel targets.
Your Favorite Gene also provides integrated links to a variety of public databases such as the Compendia Bioscience, Human Protein Reference, NCBI Entrez Gene, and Cytoscape.
1: An entry from Entrez GENE, the US NCBI's web-based interface to GENBANK 55
The first version of GenSense supports data from both Illumina and Affymetrix and supports links to standard genomics data sources such as Entrez Gene, HapMap and dbSNPs.
It is the primary component of PubMed(R), part of the Entrez series of databases provided by the Library's National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).