Entry of Judgment

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Entry of Judgment

Formally recording the result of a lawsuit that is based upon the determination by the court of the facts and applicable law, and that makes the result effective for purposes of bringing an action to enforce it or to commence an appeal.

Entering judgment is a significant action because it establishes permanent evidence of the rendition by the court of a judgment. Under some statutes and court rules, judgment is entered when it is filed with the appropriate official; under others, it must actually be noted in the judgment book or civil docket.

The entry of a judgment is not the same as the rendition of a judgment. Rendition is a judicial act by a court in pronouncing the sentence of law based upon the facts in controversy. Entry occurs after the rendition of judgment and is a ministerial act that consists of recording the ultimate conclusion reached by the court in the action and providing concrete evidence of the judicially imposed consequences. It serves as a memorial of the action.

entry of judgment

n. the placement of a judgment on the official roll of judgments.

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We seek entry of judgment that Proofpoint and Armorize Technologies have infringed and are infringing our asserted patents, a judgment that Proofpoint and Armorize Technologies have induced infringement of U.
When a judgment or decree has once been rendered, the court loses jurisdiction over the subject-matter of the suit, other than to see that proper entry of judgment or decree is made and that the rights determined and fixed by it are properly enforced.
The Court's December 14, 2004 order granted that motion, directing the entry of judgment in favor of CRYO-CELL and the other defendants on the '681 patent.
129) He suggested that he qualified for a Simmons instruction even though judgment had not been entered in the Domino's case because "the entry of judgment was nondiscretionary, purely ministerial, and legally insignificant.
COURT'S OPINION: The Florida Court of Appeals reversed the final judgment and remanded the case for entry of judgment in favor of the hospital on grounds that the Estate failed to prove causation.
The Supreme Court of Virginia granted the Addisons' petition for leave to appeal the entry of judgment dismissing their complaint with prejudice, which had the effect of denying them the right to file an amended complaint.
11) The new rules of procedure, however, were silent on the topic of reconsideration of nonfinal orders prior to entry of judgment.
The above listed Defendant, SHANE GASAWAY, is hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty (30) days of the first publication of this Warning Order and answer the civil Complaint of the Plaintiff, BLOCK USA, or upon failure of Defendant to do so, the Complaint filed herein will be deemed to be admitted and the Defendant will face entry of judgment by default or be otherwise barred from asserting his interest.
The Tax Court decision was reversed and the case sent back for the entry of judgment, assessing the property at the amount just prior to Centorino's purchase.
The teen pleaded guilty Thursday to vehicular manslaughter in Sylmar Juvenile Court, and Judge Morton Rochman made what is called a ``deferred entry of judgment.
Clair's petition for rehearing, returning the case to the District Court for entry of judgment in favor of Fujifilm.