Entry of goods

ENTRY OF GOODS, commercial law. An entry of goods at the custom-house is the submitting to the officers appointed by law, who have the collection of the customs, goods imported. into the United States, together with a statement or description of such goods, and the original invoices of the same. The act of March 2, 1799, s. 36, 1 Story, L. U. S. 606, and the act of March 1, 1823, 3 Story, L. U. S. 1881, regulate the manner of making entries of goods.

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The Chairman of the Committee responsible for the entry of goods into Gaza, Raed Fattouh said that the Israeli side "informed us" on the closure of Kerem Shalom and Karni crossings on Friday and Saturday as usual, to be reopened on Sunday.
But Raed Fatuh, the Palestinian Authority official in charge of the entry of goods into Gaza, said "the Palestinian side has not been officially informed about this".
He renewed a call on Israel "to lift as soon as possible the inhumane and unlawful blockade" of the Hamas-run Gaza Strip and allow the entry of goods, notably construction materials to rebuild infrastructure destroyed during a major Israeli offensive.
He appealed for an urgent assistance of US$ 47 million, adding that long-term reconstruction of the coastal enclave should be addressed and that it is connected to negotiations of the entry of goods and construction materials into Gaza.
Under the ceasefire deal reached on Tuesday, Israel will ease restrictions on the entry of goods, humanitarian aid and construction materials into Gaza.
The system includes tools that safely organise and manage maritime traffic, while automating and improving repetitive tasks such as pricing and billing the entry of goods into the port.
Baghdad / NINA /--The Central Agency for Standardization and Quality Control confirmed that the Agency's offices on border land and sea ports are going to prevent the entry of goods to Iraq after the end of the third period that followed the production date.
The NAFTA provides for the entry of goods duty-free into each of the countries provided that the goods meet the strict rules of origin in the agreement.
He noted that the city of Fallujah is suffering from the siege and the closure of the city's ports, a week ago, despite appeals from clerics, tribal leaders and citizens to allow the entry of goods and food to the city and lift the siege.
eBizNET's solution handles everything from point of entry of goods at port to ongoing consumption, value addition, distribution and reshipment of the products.
The closure of Central Tabacalera SA (Tacasa), which may have been caused by increased cigarette smuggling, can be seen as one of the many consequences of the phenomenon of illegal entry of goods.
The procedures for the entry of goods as well as their inspection and clearance have been delayed considerably and hence the transportation prices have shot up 300 per cent.