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Columbia argues that it is typical of environmental contamination cases that, because of the progressive nature of environmental contamination, the resulting personal injury or property damage overlaps multiple successive insurance policy periods of the insured's liability coverage.
The biggest concern with many abandoned properties has been the known environmental contamination found at these sites.
It stresses that the new rules are needed because of improvements in laboratory analysis performance that make it possible to detect the accidental presence of bone fragments in root and tuber crops due to environmental contamination. Until now, these products were disposed of because of the zero tolerance principle for the presence of animal protein in animal feed.
guidelines were also created to help reduce environmental contamination from prescription drugs.
Greenpeace said a study it had commissioned that was published in the journal Archives of Environmental Contamination and Technology showed rats fed for 90 days on the corn showed "signs of toxicity" in the liver and kidneys.
There was no suggestion this had been deliberately administered, nor that it had affected the horse's performance, and yet the penalty for this case of unexplained environmental contamination was several hundred pounds.
Feeney also advises municipalities and taxpayers on farmland assessment qualification and roll-back taxes and has handled cases involving diminution of property value due to environmental contamination and wetlands impact.
Under these circumstances, some hardrock mining companies that have caused environmental contamination have left the problem for others, typically the government, to address.
Featuring more than 1200 entries, Encyclopedia Of Terrorist, Natural, And Man-Made Disasters is enhanced with the inclusion of a CD-Rom, making it an indispensable reference and a welcome addition to professional and academic library collections on environmental contamination.
Dirty Cheap by Lyn Miller-Lachmann is a novel about Nicholas Baran, a community college teacher struggling to expose the environmental contamination from industrial pollution which is believed to be the cause of a fatal cancer found in himself and others.
During the refueling operation, an in-flight refueling receptacle seal ruptured, spilling large amounts of fuel onto the ramp and created the potential for an aircraft fire and environmental contamination. Recognizing the extreme gravity of the situation, SrA Davis immediately sprang into action and executed the emergency shutdown of the refueling operation.

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