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Well, strictly speaking, it did," Porfiry observed with noteworthy gravity; "a crime of that nature may be very well ascribed to the influence of environment.
All these questions about crime, environment, children, recall to my mind an article of yours which interested me at the time.
These 'beliefs' and 'learning environment' concepts will be clarified through the use of frameworks that identify two types of learning environments and three sets of beliefs about education that various groups of education stakeholders may hold.
It is important to understand how these policies ultimately affect our eating and physical activity patterns so that we might use policy changes to modify our food and physical activity environments.
In the preceding parts of this series, we discussed the value of adopting storage virtualization--how it offers a new, non-disruptive operating capability that facilitates change management in today's dynamic storage environments, and we examined the architectural distinctions of various approaches to implementing SAN-wide storage virtualization.
Housing for the Eldery: Privacy & Independence in Environments for the Aging.
A discussion of disabilities, individuals, and environments within the context of the DCS model is also provided.
Peck: There seems to be a trend to make healthcare environments more "homelike," but you seem to be going on the premise that homelike isn't enough.
TWA seems to do a reasonable job of theoretically laying out the various components of the individual dimensions and matching these dimensions with corresponding environments in order to optimize satisfaction and satisfactoriness.
The company further announced that it has selected the WhiteEagle Systems Technology SwordFish Emulation Platform, an FPGA emulation solution, and the Mentor Graphics Corporation Seamless Version 5 co-verification tool as its first two co-development environments.
The purpose of this study was to examine the impact of assisting science classroom teachers in multicultural classes in obtaining information about student perception of the learning environment and guiding systematic improvement in science classroom environments by using the practical program proposed by Fraser (1981) and Fraser & O'Brien (1985).
On the long term care front, interior environments have registered high on the consumer markets' list of priorities.

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