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In every example in the Topics and Rhetoric of what Aristotle labels epagoge, the particulars subsumed by the generalization are, as here, countless.
That he there makes no mention of epagoge is suggestive but the substance of his comment even more so.
11) The claim is completely out of character with every other case in which Aristotle says he is giving an example of epagoge.
If taken another way, they could indicate that every time Aristotle used epagoge in the corpus he really meant, 'the kind of deduction known as induction'.
In the chapter, he is in fact using epagoge in two different senses.
A claim that induction is a deduction from induction would be a contradictory and infinite regress unless the term epagoge were being used in different senses in each place, and in Prior Analytics II 23 it is.