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These data indicate that longfin dace can be present in ephemeral stream ecosystems within 1 day after flows begin to subside, but apparently are transient and do not persist in these ephemeral reaches.
Fathead minnows can be present in these ephemeral stream ecosystems within 3-5 days after high flows begin to subside, we collected them on day 3 in Canada Santiago and on day 5 in the Rio Puerco at San Luis and the Arroyo Chico upstream of the USGS gage.
These data indicate that amphibians can be present in these ephemeral stream ecosystems almost as soon as high flows begin to subside, and they remain in the streams until adulthood if surface water persists.
The high concentration of magnetic sands (up to 20%) found at two beaches in 1998-99 appears not to be related to the ephemeral streams that cross the beach but more likely the result of the erosion of bluffs during high lake levels in 1998-99.
The cessation of traditional farming in ephemeral stream courses coincided with the onset of stream-channel incision at Zuni (Balling and Wells 1990; Bryan 1925).
The Zuni methods could be useful in other semiarid regions where incised ephemeral stream channels have sand or finer beds, flow events move large amounts of bed load and suspended sediments, and there is abundant fine woody material near eroding channels.
5) Quantifying the impact of ephemeral streams on sedimentation and groundwater recharge (Lane 1982a; Osterkamp et al.
This is a place where the Murray River drops its guard, where floodwaters spilling from the river's unusually low, narrow banks have etched a spidery web of creeks and ephemeral streams.
The fossils of several pakicetid whales range from wolf-size to as big as a bear, and they are found in the remains of small, ephemeral streams only about 1 meter deep.
Future studies should focus on identifying and collecting invertebrates from unique habitats, especially the numerous wetland-like habitats that occur across the Grand Staircase--Escalante National Monument, such as hanging gardens and alcove pools, as well as ephemeral streams.
Aquatic habitats include perennial and ephemeral streams, springs, wetland ponds, tinajas (ephemeral rock pools), and alcove pools (permanent rock pools located below large cliff pour offs).
We have studied the effects of grazing on vegetation, investigated the relation of vegetation to erosion and sediment production, learned to understand precipitation patterns, described transmission losses from ephemeral streams, and in general, broadened our knowledge base.