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Like Epicurus, my friend, still like Epicurus; I repeat, we are Epicureans, and that is very amusing.
The Epicureans did not perceive that the head of the school had left them; the violins continued playing all night long.
At the moment when this jollity was manifesting itself by the most lively demonstrations, when the ladies were reproaching the two adversaries with not having admitted women into the system of Epicurean happiness, Gourville was seen hastening from the other end of the garden, approaching Fouquet, and detaching him, by his presence alone, from the group.
Hunger, however, may blunt the most epicurean taste, and Tarzan was not exactly an epicure.
And perhaps he was the only person in the world who did not think his sisters uninteresting and superfluous; for his was one of those large-hearted, sweet-blooded natures that never know a narrow or a grudging thought; Epicurean, if you will, with no enthusiasm, no self-scourging sense of duty; but yet, as you have seen, of a sufficiently subtle moral fibre to have an unwearying tenderness for obscure and monotonous suffering.
This he unpacked with the help of a youth whom he had brought with him, and presently, to my very great astonishment, a quite epicurean little cold supper began to be laid out upon our humble lodging-house mahogany.
Now, thanks to Epicureans vision and the Queensland Governments investment, the company will have access to world-class manufacturing processes and their 23 employees will have secure, highly-skilled jobs into the future.
There's no question where the Epicureans stand with regards to the right to a good death in the case of terminal disease, or in the case of one who lies in agony in the battlefield waiting to die.
The paper highlights the conceptual connections among these issues, and also shows how later Epicureans develop Epicurus's doctrine of preconceptions while remaining orthodox about the core of that doctrine.
The ethics of the Epicureans is also found in modernity: to appreciate pleasures for these are good; avoid pain for this is bad.
Corbett argues that "Dante's radical dualism theoretically necessitates, therefore, his conceptual category of the Epicureans [.
To explain the existence of the actual world rather than a universe of eternally distinct atoms, the Epicureans had to posit a tiny random deviation from that absolutely straight motion.