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The meeting, which runs until November 3, aims to organise training for national coordinators of epidemiological surveillance networks, according to organisers.
This polysemy of similar terms in Brazil generates a confusion between managers and workers who, since the onset of the SUS, have tried to institutionalize health surveillance in the states and municipalities, as a field, with its different knowledge and practice cores (19) which include epidemiological surveillance, health surveillance, worker's health surveillance and environmental health surveillance (15,20,21).
The Conduct Epidemiological Surveillance Investigation section adds guidance to implement processes for using poison control center data for surveillance.
Epidemiological surveillance systems had to adapt in order to report on the magnitude and dynamics of the spread of chikungunya virus.
KUWAIT, Sept 10 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Health (MoH) announced Saturday that it will increase epidemiological surveillance of all Kuwaiti border ports after Hajj season is over.
Joint efforts from the Ministry of Health (MoH), the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries have achieved epidemiological surveillance and source tracking.
Dr Saif Al Abri, Director-General of Infectious Diseases Prevention and Control at the ministry, told an Omani newspaper that enhancing the epidemiological surveillance system as well as educating people about the best hygienic ways to avoid the disease have contributed in bringing down the cases.
Afterward, the chief guest and the Minister of Health launched and approved the National Plan on the Resistance of Antibiotics, the National Guide of Antibiotics and the Epidemiological Surveillance System of Microbes Resistant to Antibiotics.
In both systems, data are collected by means of standardized forms and entered into the online information systems: Influenza epidemiological surveillance system called SIVEP-Gripe for ILI cases, and the National Information System for Notifiable Diseases known as SINAN Influenza Web for SARS cases.
The Capiz Epidemiological Surveillance and Response Unit (CESRU) of the PHO received a report from the Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital (RMPH) about the suspected cases around 3 p.
through the primary health care network, the epidemiological surveillance, government and private hospitals, as well as the Lebanese Red Cross which is tasked to monitor the situation," a statement issued by the Ministry of Health said.
Speaking about the health program during Haj, Asiri said the ministry has implemented a 24X7 epidemiological surveillance system in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah to cover all primary health care centers and hospitals to monitor the virus within the holy areas.

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