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EPILEPSY, med. jur. A disease of the brain, which occurs in paroxysms, with uncertain intervals between them.
     2. These paroxysms are characterized by the loss of sensation, and convulsive motions of the muscles. When long continued and violent, this disease is very apt to end in dementia. (q.v.) It gradually destroys the memory, and impairs the intellect, and is one of the causes of an unsound mind. 8 Ves. 87. Vide Dig. 50, 16, 123; Id. 21, 1, 4, 5.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mounting evidence suggests that inflammation resulting from stroke, infection, neurotrauma, etc is correlated with the occurrence of epilepsy. Moreover, it is reported that some inflammatory mediators such as cytokines, complement factors, and prostaglandins play roles in epileptogenesis (6-9).
The findings are published in 'Epilepsy, a Public Health Imperative' released by World Health Organisation (WHO) and leading non-governmental organisations for epilepsy, the International League Against Epilepsy and the International Bureau for Epilepsy.
A further 57 per cent admit they have little to no knowledge about epilepsy.
Talking here Sunday about guidelines for epilepsy patients who want to keep fast in the holy month of Ramazan, she said for majority of epilepsy patients keeping fasts does not create any problem.
Allan Owino, Kitui county director of health, said it was regrettable that although epilepsy is a treatable medical condition that can be well managed through drugs, many patients seek the help of witchdoctors to no avail.
The Camp provides a week for kids with epilepsy that for some parents may be their only safe week off a year.
KARACHI -- Noted neurophysician of Pakistan and President of Epilepsy Foundation Pakistan Dr Fowzia Siddiqui has said that epilepsy is a treatable ailment and not a stigma, adding government, healthcare practitioners and caregivers should give special focus to epilepsy patients for their proper treatment and recovery.
I am writing to ask your readers to turn their world purple for epilepsy this Purple Day.
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KARACHI -- More than 2 million epilepsy patients in Pakistan await government attention as lack of facilities and very costly medicines are still a big hurdle to reduce epilepsy burden from our crumbling healthcare sector, said noted neurophysician of the country and president of Epilepsy Foundation of Pakistan Dr Fowzia Siddiqui on the eve of world epilepsy day here Sunday.
After 50 years of age the main causes of epilepsy are high blood pressure, sugar and brain tumors.