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Midline laparotomy revealed that elongated and inflamed horseshoe shaped epiploic appendagitis formed by the inflammatory fusion of two epiploic appendages of the splenic flexura, which elongated and obstructed the ileal loop located 30 cm proximal to the ileocecal valve (Figure 3).
The characteristic ischemia and necrosis of the epiploic appendages appear to be a consequence of its minimal vasculature and pedunculated shape.
Epiploic appendages are 50 to 100 pedunculated peritoneal fat pouches oriented in two rows parallel to the taenia coli of the colon, between the cecum and rectosigmoid junction, each usually 1 to 2 cm thick and 0.5 to 5 cm long (3).
EA is a rare and self-limited condition, mostly seen in middle-aged men, which is caused by either inflammation or ischemic changes related to torsion or venous infarction of the epiploic appendages (1).