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EPISCOPACY, eccl. law. A form of government by diocesan bishops; the office or condition of a bishop.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The first is of the episcopacy of Etienne Le Camus, bishop of Grenoble between 1671 and 1707, from the perspective of his pastoral visits through his diocese and the impact of these visits on village religious practice.
A discussion of the authority of persons, building on previous work with episcopacy and universal ministry, explores the ministry of unity and communion and the question of infallibility.
These demands for further reform of Church polity and hierarchy persisted into the seventeenth century and would result in the constant re-evaluation of episcopal status and discipline throughout the seventeenth century and the marshalling of arguments for not only the retention of episcopacy but more importantly its authority.
Whereas to some this fact signals the defective quality of Latin scholarship in the late Anglo-Saxon church, for Giandrea it reveals rather an episcopacy and church eager above all else to meet the pastoral needs of the diocese.
Among his topics are Catholic and Protestant relations in Derry in the episcopacy of Charles O'Donnell; Cardinal Cullen, early Fenianism, and the MacManus funeral affair; and Gladstone and the disestablishment of the Church of Ireland.
The Commission is now working on a second raft of issues, including: authorized lay ministry (Methodist Lay Preachers and Anglican Readers are not commissioned for exactly the same set of tasks) ; Christian initiation, with special attention to the meaning and ministry of confirmation; the diaconate (Anglicans practise sequential ordination, Methodists direct ordination, to the presbyterate); and episcopacy.
It was just one example of how his episcopacy would be marked by his openness to the thoughts of others, regardless of their social importance.
Episcopacy does not by itself constitute the church's apostolicity.
It was some sixteen years earlier, however, that the ex-chaplain and imminent Roman convert Benjamin Carier advised James I that Calvinist predestination renders the sacraments meaningless and thus undermines episcopacy (Tyacke, 1987, 5-6).
I found most helpful his comments on mission policy and of episcopacy - here there is much to learn.
The culture of the Catholic clergy and the state of the episcopacy have come under intense scrutiny as a result of the crisis, especially as it has dragged on for more than three decades and spread through the global community And neither the culture nor the leadership level of the church comes off looking good.