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BISHOP. An ecclesiastical officer, who is the chief of the clergy of his diocese, and is the archbishop's assistant. Happily for this country, these officers are not recognized by law. They derive all their authority from the churches over which they preside. Bishop's COURT, Eng. law. An ecclesiastical court held in the cathedral of each diocese, the judge of which is the bishop's chancellor.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Thus, he concludes making a "reconstruction" (70) based on an artificial dichotomy between those leaders kata oikon-according/for to the houses and kata ekklesia-according-for the churches, where presbuteroi-elders belong to the first category and episkopos to the second one.
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Some years later, the churches of the Pastoral Epistles seem to have had a single episkopos, now a bishop (1 Timothy 3:1; Titus 1:7), with deacons as assistants.
(35) Indeed, an Athenian decree, formerly thought to have been passed probably in 447 or 446 BC, but now dated to 425/4 BC, stipulates that the episkopos, along with the Athenian council and the magistrates of the confederate cities should be responsible for the due collection of the tribute every year and its safe transfer to Athens.
For starters, Geneva translates the Greek episkopos as overseer and presbuteros as elder, a matter of slight concern to bishops and priests.
Sin embargo, se puede deducir que el ministerio de los presbiteros procede el Espiritu (Hch 20,28) y a partir de la sucesion apostolica (Hch 20,17ss.), mientras que el episkopos es el que vigila ese rebano (Hch 20,25-31).