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pure, gentle, amiable, every epithet you may wish to apply, that indicates nothing but acquired excellence: but as to natural feelings, she is as cold as an icicle--in short she is destitute of HEART--the thing of all others I most prize in a woman, and for which I admire you so much.
You see, I use the epithet 'my friend' because at a time like this all Frenchmen must forget their differences and work together for the good and honour of their country.
The epithet is very appropriate, for there is something truly divine in being able to argue as you have done for the superiority of injustice, and remaining unconvinced by your own arguments.
I went into a cafe to -- and while it was being mixed I asked the man who grabs up your hot Scotch spoon as soon as you lay it down what he undcrstood by the term, epithet, description, designation, characterisation or appellation, viz.
the Clerk of Copmanhurst, for so I am termed in these parts They add, it is true, the epithet holy, but I stand not upon that, as being unworthy of such addition.
Truly,'' said the knight, ``Holy Clerk of Copmanhurst, men call me in these parts the Black Knight, many, sir, add to it the epithet of Sluggard, whereby I am no way ambitious to be distinguished.
Epithet after epithet was found too weak to convey to those who have not visited the intertropical regions, the sensation of delight which the mind experiences.
MAP proposes to exploit the epithets attributed to the gods as the most efficient indicator of their multiple powers and modes of action, as well as their connection to places where humans interact with them.
The first thing to remember is that you shouldn't give epithets to anyone.
Smith, however, rightly rejects "hard Parryism"--the notion that Greek epic virtually composed itself, the epic singer being straitjacketed by his medium--and is hospitable to the idea that the poet consciously chose certain epithets to fit the narrative context.
Since at least 2008 linguists and philosophers of language have started paying more serious attention to issues concerning the meaning or use of racial epithets and slurs.
Washington, Mar 9 (ANI): A Muslim documentary maker allegedly faced racial attacks and called racial epithets in the United States after he encroached into a house party, which he had not been invited to.