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NOOKS AND CRANNIES: NShopping at The Lanes S UST GRAND: A bedroom at the famous seafront hotel OPULENT: Sparkling welcome at The Grand I CAN SEA IT ALL: The view Grand Hotel from a balcony at The G ASSY: Hotel du Vin, Brighton GRAND OLD PLACE: The Grand Hotel in Brighton is the epitomy of elegance
They complement each other exceptionally well -- the epitomy of effective team work - an attribute that is integral to Dusit corporate philosophy," said Malik.
Most of the big brands produced entirely new stand-alone scents to reinvent the brands as the epitomy of style and elegance.
I was devastated when Davie Cooper died but Phil O'Donnell was the epitomy of what this club's all about.
While the president's strong suit is not always common sense, Ben Franklin is the epitomy of common sense.
Kate, participant #1, demonstrated the epitomy of the self- congratulatory passive confronting:
HIBERNIAN'S performance during their CIS Cup victory over Celtic was the epitomy of what Scottish football needs to survive at a respectable standard.
Mr Parry said, "Our relationship with Mr Dargavel is almost the epitomy of what relationship banking should be and we were pleased to get the backing we needed.