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PERFECT for hanging precious pieces of underwear, feather boas and strings of pearls (I'm sure you all live like that), this showgirl screen is the epitomy of elegance.
Yet he was the epitomy of control and calm at Goodison.
After having been fed -- or rather brainwashed -- with West German advertisements and TV commercials for decades they, indeed, imagined paradise, the land of milk and honey, as the epitomy of German ingeniousness -- but on the other side of the Wall.
Epitomy of old LIVERPOOL fashioned resolve at back Sakho 6 Helps when playing with Skrtel.
2 Eddie Newton has picked out two of the club's summer signings as the epitomy of professionalism.
But Benayoun has proved himself to be the epitomy of the invaluable modern squad player.
The Charlecote is the epitomy of luxury ( inside and out.
They strut and cavort, they preen and clean, they are the epitomy of an easy life and they are almost human.
Sara Cumani conducted operations from Bedford House stables and Epitomy showed up quite nicely in a spin with two others on Long Hill.
WELL, thanks to the lovely J-Lo and maybe curvy model Sophie Dahl, the womanly figure is currently the epitomy of cool.
Jones believes the 20-year-old Teessider, who broke both of his wrists in a training accident in January, is the epitomy of how a professional athlete should conduct himself.