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The first were not followers (muqallids) of their eponyms in legal doctrine or proofs and were only affiliated to an eponym in terms of following his ijtihad approach (tariquhu fi l-ijtihad).
Based on foregoing considerations, and assuming that all professionals in the field of health accept the current Anatomical Terminology for describing not only physical structures but also conditions that affect the patient for medical or surgical evaluation, understanding would be easier because they would be communicating in terms of structure and function which does not happen when eponyms are used (13) since applying a researcher's name to a given structure tells us nothing about its nature.
Being awarded an eponym is regarded as an honor in science or in medicine: "eponymity, not anonymity, is the standard" [1].
Idioms, catchphrases, proverbs, eponyms, acronymns and spoonerisms abound, while text messages cavort alongside business jargon and rap slang.
And similar eponyms are profuse throughout the scientific literature (as in all other fields of intellectual accomplishment).
Though the wounded pride of frustrated potential eponyms is not to be taken lightly, in the grand scheme of things not much damage is done by eponymic inaccuracy, as long as the practical function of eponymy is not impaired.
She took as a given that the terms of Rhodian eponyms were annual and that all Rhodian eponyms of the 3rd and early 2nd century were known.
Our obsession with geographic eponyms for a disease of worldwide distribution is best illustrated by Russian, or later red influenza or red flu, which first came to attention in November 1977, in the Soviet Union.
On the other hand, this work include some women's contributions to the progress in medicine, which has resulted in the awarding of several Nobel prizes and in the growth of the international medical lexicon through the creation of eponyms or terms built on proper names.