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Eponym = a person's name is synonymous with a construct [Romeo/love, Puck/mischief]
In the preface, the editors write, "[W]e fancy that we have listed most of the economic eponyms, and also some non-economic, albeit used in our profession.
Their classification schemes are very puzzling, riddled with eponyms .
Now a new book, the Chambers Dictionary of Eponyms has provided a fascinating guide to the men , women, animals and gods who have contributed their names to the English language.
2) I use Federal Reserve Board chairmen as eponyms of the successive monetary and fiscal policies.
So, the general practice of naming a newly-discovered land after Iberian toponyms or religious eponyms could be set aside in favor of Spanish lore.
It is probably fair to say that in many a family business, the eponyms are habitually seen by their colleagues as "good chaps".
The eponyms are Coloureds -- that is, mixed Black and White -- and Lena debuts as a sort of Lucky to Boesman's dual Vladimir-Estragon: she's doubly dominated by someone who is semidominated.
A possible standard for judging the quality of the work is the use of eponyms by fellow economists.
Not even one of [Bayes's] works on mathematics was published during his lifetime, but one of two posthumous works of his served to embed his name in what has become, two centuries after his death, one of the most widely known eponyms in all of science, Bayesian inference.
And the eponyms are ambiguous visitants, like Dostoyevsky's Grand Inquisitor.