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10), we get the Hamiltonian equation of motion which is the same result of Lagrangian equation of motion.
Equation of motion reduced to first order for use with MATLAB's runge-kutta method
The equation of motion of centre of mass point can be expressed by (1) provided the external force is parallel to the spin direction.
The standard equation of motion in the finite element form is [8]:
Substituting (2) into (1) and differentiating both sides of the resulting equation with respect to x, we rewrite the equation of motion for the strain [U.
Therefore, the equation of motion for the spar hull leads to
Therefore, we can confirm that the microscopic particles in the nonlinear quantum mechanics satisfy the Newton type equation of motion for a classical particle.
It is worthwile to cast the equation of motion in the dimensionless form.
The equation of continuity, equation of motion, penalty function and constitutive equation were simultaneously solved for velocity, using the Galerkin FEM.
The general equation of motion (1) render simple components (Roshanian and Talebi 2008) when the distribution of forces in Fig.
According to Newton's second law, the equation of motion of the pendulum is
Therefore, the equation of motion for upper homogeneous isotropic layer is