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From the Hamiltonian density we also obtained the Hamiltonian equations of motion for the single fluid in fractional form.
The objective of this study was to evaluate Equations to predict body weight of dairy heifers based on the following body measurements: heart girth, wither height, hip width, body length and hip height.
The theory of nonlinear partial differential equations is one of the important research areas in different fields.
Zhou, Wang, and Zhang enlarge their account of the underlying theory of fractional differential equations for researchers and graduate students dealing with fractional calculus and applied analysis, differential equations, and related areas of research.
Soon, the following two equations, both of them arithmetically correct and end-to-end palindromical, enjoy their fifteen seconds of fame on the blackboard:
More than 1,100 definitive equations across eight subject areas are now available through Knovels powerful search engine and featuring interactivity unique to the Knovel platform.
In a very recent study [9], using an asymptotic expansion technique, the asymptotic equations governing unidirectional wave propagation of small-butfinite amplitude long waves in the nonlinear nonlocal elastic medium were derived.
Wazwaz: The tank method for generalized forms of nonlinear heat conduction and Burgers-Fisher equations, Appl.
Similar arguments hold for the other two equations used in the above discussions.
The investigation of exploring the exact traveling wave solutions of nonlinear mathematical physics equations plays an important role in the study of the solitary wave solution.
An Introduction To Partial Differential Equations With MATLAB, second edition
The equations of this paragraph as well as of the remaining paragraphs of this paragraph, could be stated differently, so that they also hold for non-inertial reference frames.