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EQUINOX. The name given to two periods of the year when the days and nights are equal; that is, when the space of time between the rising and setting of the sun is one half of a natural day. Dig. 43, 13, 1, 8. Vide Day.

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But this statement is not mathematically correct, because the equinox does not necessarily begin at noon.
This Equinox, however rich he may be, has certainly no horses so good as monseigneur's.
D'Artagnan, after a night passed in an excellent bed, reflected much upon the meaning of Aramis's letter; puzzled himself as to the relation of the Equinox with the affairs of Porthos; and being unable to make anything out unless it concerned some amour of the bishop's, for which it was necessary that the days and nights should be equal, D'Artagnan left Pierrefonds as he had left Melun, as he had left the chateau of the Comte de la Fere.
Mr Robins, aged 31 from Abertillery, joined the Equinox team in October 2013.
It will allow Equinox coaches to service clients through sophisticated yet intuitive online sessions.
The Equinox Academy ensures that interns experience work across a wide range of clients during their three to six week placement.
For those of us in the northern Hemisphere, the vernal equinox takes place in March.
PA) has been selected to provide fund administration to Equinox Fund Management (Equinox), an alternative asset management company in the US.
During the equinox, the length of night and day across the world is nearly, but not entirely, equal.
15 per Equinox share in cash, or a total of approximately C$7.
During the March equinox (also known as vernal equinox in reference to spring) and the September equinox (autumnal equinox) the length of nigh and day become equal.
This happens during Saturn's equinox, when the sun is directly over Saturn's equator.