Common Stock

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Common Stock

Evidence of participation in the ownership of a corporation that takes the form of printed certificates.

Each share of common stock constitutes a contract between the shareholder and the corporation. The owner of a share of common stock is ordinarily entitled to participate in and to vote at stockholders' meetings. He or she participates in the profits through the receipt of dividends after the payment of dividends on preferred stock. Shares of common stock are the Personal Property of their holder.

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common stock

n. stock in a corporation in which dividends (payouts) are calculated upon a percentage of net profits, with distribution determined by the Board of Directors. Usually holders of common stock have voting rights. These are distinguished from preferred stock in which the profits are a predetermined percentage and are paid before the common shareholders who gamble on higher profits, and collectively have voting control of the corporation. (See: corporation, stock, share, preferred stock)

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Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi's Insurance House has raised the limit on the stake that may be held by foreign investors to 25 per cent of the company's paid up equity share capital, according to a statement issued by the company.
became owner of the entire equity share capital of Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd., by virtue of which the Company became a member of the AkzoNobel Group.
Few days after listing, the shareholders of IH have approved during its Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) to open up shareholding to foreigners to an extent of 25 per cent of the company's paid up equity share capital. The scrip ended H1 2011 at AED1.05, up by 0.96 per cent compared to its IPO price of AED1.04.
All the partners of the firm retained proportionate equity share capital in the newly formed company.
"Once listed, the company will immediately open up its shareholding to foreign ownership, to the extent of 20 per cent of the Company's paid up equity share capital," Insurance House said in a statement.
For this, they will be entitled to hold 20 per cent of the post issue paid up equity share capital of the company on a fully diluted basis after the allotment.
"Fortis Healthcare International Limited (FHIL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fortis Healthcare Limited (FHL) which is incorporated in Mauritius, has consummated the proposed transaction of sale of the entire shareholding held by FHIL in the Medical and Surgical Centre Limited (MSCL) [renamed as C-Care (Mauritius) Ltd], representing 28.89 per cent (164,670,801 shares) holding of the total issued and paid up equity share capital of MSCL, with CIEL Limited, CIEL Healthcare Limited (collectively referred to as CIEL).
The lender said the committee of directors on ESPS (compensation committee) in its meeting held on December 20, 2018 has approved a scheme namely Syndicate Bank Employee Stock Purchase Scheme (ESPS) to raise equity share capital up to Rs 500 crore by creating, granting and issuing up to 30 crore new equity shares to eligible employees of the bank.
'The board of bank at its meeting held on December 26, 2017 has decided to raise additional equity share capital amounting up to INR900m through qualified institutional placement (QIP) route, by issuing up to 90 million equity shares of a face value of INR10 each with a premium to be decided as per the applicable guidelines/regulations for an aggregate amount not exceeding INR35bn inclusive of such premium,' the bank said.
THE board of directors of NTPC Limited, India's largest power generating company, on Tuesday recommended the highest ever interim dividend at 40 per cent of paid- up equity share capital being ` 4 per equity share for the financial year 2013- 14.
The paid-up equity share capital stands at RO20.209 million, compared to RO15.58 million, a growth of 29.89 per cent as the result of conversion of bonds into equity in September 2012.